Campaign and Advocacy

GSIPF carry out campaign and advocacy focused on changing policies towards recognizing land rights of Indigenous Peoples by making policy makers’ understanding of the real causes of problems and influencing policies of international agencies. And to make government understanding of Indigenous Peoples rights.
Addressing violations of human rights and issues of concern in Indigenous areas to the mass peoples of the country, political institutions,  government and the international communities is the routine work of GSIPF.


GSIPF works to intensify education and capacity building training on the rights of Indigenous Peoples for Indigenous leaders to claim and defend their rights.

GSIPF provides training, logistics and technical support to Indigenous Peoples to strengthen and adapt their traditional decision-making bodies to enable them to deal with outside agencies in order to regain control over their lands and resources.


Conducting research program and documentation of the various issues of Indigenous Peoples movements and struggles through documenting and publicizing is one of the agenda of the organization.

The organization supports in protecting Indigenous cultures through publications, workshops, exhibition to enhanced which enhance and secure their cultural tradition and heritage through the exercise of their customary laws.

Legal Assistance

Legal assistance and legal training for Indigenous leaders is one of the organization's important program. The training enables leaders to understand using contemporary laws and legal instruments.

These trainings includes relevant legal documents, policy papers and international human rights instruments which enable leaders using contemporary laws and understanding international instruments.
The organization help the peoples identifying the key issues to those needs legal support and develop strategies for claiming their rights by providing legal advises and legal assistance to them.
GSIPF submits human rights complaints to the concern courts and authorities, filed on behalf of Indigenous Peoples those are facing violations against their freedom of religion, forced eviction and other crisis situation.
GSIPF prosecutes legal claims to seek recognition and restitution of Indigenous lands and protecting them from resource exploitation and environmental degradation.
A qualified and experienced ‘Council of lawyer’ work for the organization to serve the people by providing legal assistance.