GSIPF is having two tiers of structures, one at central level and one at regional level. The executive council at the central level is the main body of the organization.There is an advisory council help the executive council in formulation policies of the organization.

There are two regional committee in south and north of greater Sylhet.

At present, the central executive council is comprising of the following members:

Chairperson Pidison Pradhan
Co- Chairperson-1 Ananda Mohan Sinha
Co- Chairperson-2 G. P. Suchiang
Secretary General Phila Pohthnei
Asstt. Secretary General    
Treasurer Knight Kheriam
Organizing Secretary Parikshit Deb Burmon
Asstt Org. Secretary Prodip Kumar Singha
Cultural Affairs Secretary Ranjit Kumar Sinha
International Affairs Secretary Sankar Khairiem
Social Welfare Secretary Brojendra Deb Burmon
Publicity Information & Research Secretary Porimol Singh Baraik
Youth & Women Affairs Secretary Joya Sharma
Law Affairs Secretary Advocate Khogendra Sinha
Member Dr. Uchit Kumar Sinha
    Hiron Kumar Singha
    Sunil Mridha
    Amin Munda
    Nion Kheriam
    Mili Sinha
    Margaret Suchiang

The following learned advocates are the member of the 'Lawyer Panel';

Advocate Dudly Derick Prentice
Phone Number: +8801715-017939

adv sojoy Chakroborty

Phone Number: +8801711-588-976

Advocate Salam Talukder
Phone Number: +8801711-665-949

Advocate Shamim Ara Dora
Phone Number: +8801715-630-807