GSIPF is working for recognition and protection of , traditional and cultural rights of indigenous peoples.

The organization works to ensure self-determination for Indigenous Peoples, which is the basic precondition to guarantee their ownership, permanent sovereignty, control and management of their ancestral and sacred lands and territories.

GSIPF supports grassroots Indigenous Peoples struggles through campaign, advocacy, networking and providing legal assistance, so that the Indigenous Peoples are able to fully participate at all stages of program and policies related to their rights.

The organization is involve in lobby and advocacy at decision making level that formulate and implement policies.

The organization’s aim is to focuses on dissemination of information regarding the issues related to Indigenous Peoples and works to educate and build awareness about Indigenous struggles among non-Indigenous Peoples and organizations.

Its works to build partnership with media, academic, civil society and other organization to promote public understanding of Indigenous Peoples issues and through lights on victims of wrong policies and abuses.

GSIPF submits documentation and formal complaints to redress grievances, increase awareness and impact the development standards of the concern authorities in regards to protect the rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Challenging policies that deprive Indigenous Peoples of their rights and organizing campaigns on issues affecting Indigenous Peoples with the aim of promoting their rights at local, national and international levels and ensuring recognition for declaration, convention and other international instruments are the agendas of GSIPF.